77 BlackWater works from within

Beauty is more than skin deep.

77 BlackWater energizes and revitalizes

Deliver natures most powerful organic minerals and electrolytes.

...the power of the rain forest

77Blackwater Products trace back to our tropical rain forests that have existed for millions of years.

77 BlackWater Drink

Innovative Wellness

The Science

Independent research shows that fulvic and humic acids stimulate bio-chemical activity and play an essential role instigating the absorption of nutrients by the body. 

The Product

77 BlackWater Drink was created in 2010 and is first in the market for the proprietary fulvic and humic acid electrolyte drink. 77 BlackWater is a natural, organic, complex blend of over 77 macro and micro trace minerals and electrolytes.

Company Information

77 BlackWater Innovations Corp. (based in Vancouver BC, Canada) was established for the purpose of exploring opportunities to develop and bring to market Fulvic and Humic acid enriched beverage products in the health and wellness industry.